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Roll forming

What is roll forming?

Roll forming is a method of cold forming, or rolling, in which a long strip of sheet steel (usually coiled steel) is continuously bent to a desired cross-section. The steel strip passes through sets of rollers mounted on successive stands, with each set performing part of the bend, until the desired cross-section (the profile) is obtained. Roll forming is ideal for producing parts with a constant profile in long lengths and in large quantities.

In this way, for example, roof plates, wall panels, rain gutters and cultivation gutters are made.


A roll forming machine is the base machine on which a profile is produced. The machine consists of a number of successive roll forming stations, each consisting of an upper and lower shaft with different profile rolls.

Roll form line

A roll form line consists of different parts to come from a steel roll to a profile with different operations. A line can thus consist of:
- Decoiler with coil car
- Straigthener
- Punch installation
- Roll form machine
- Cut-to-length line
- Stacker


A roll of material (up to 25 Tons) is placed on the reel core. The core can change in diameter so that the coil can be clamped and stuck to the shaft.


Before the material is to be punched, the material must first be stretched to prevent it from getting stuck in the tools.

Punch installation

A punch installation consists of a single punch or a combination of different punches. It is also possible to place a servo controlled punch machine in the line.

Roll forming machine

The roll forming machine is made up of different stations with profile rollers.

Cut to length installation

If not sheet material is used, but coil, the material must be shortened:

- With a hydraulic shear (85%)
- With a cut-to-length machine.

The choice depends on the complexity of the profile. Depending on whether it is a continuous or a start/stop rolling process, the cut-to-length tool can also be performed concurrently.


After shortening, profiles can be stacked as the user wishes.

Mobile Roll Forming Machines

Mobile roll-forming machines are designed to be able to roll-form profiles on site from the trailer or from the container. These are widely used in horticulture, greenhouse construction and by gutter manufacturers.

Pasterkamp is specialized in mobile roll-forming machines, and also designs and manufactures these itself. The machines can be delivered open or closed, with punching option, as cassette or on tracks, with or without remote control.

This video on YouTube shows a number of mobile machines that have been delivered in recent times.

We supply all kinds of roll forming machines and combined roll forming lines. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing mobile roll formers. Below you can see a promotional video.