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zehnder & sommer product overview



Performance Roll Feeders

Hightech roll feeders for highest and top speed cycles

  • TM roll feed for high precision
  • TK roll feed for high speed

Compact Roll Feeders

Very compact roll feeder that are easy to integrate

  • EVM mini servo feed
  • EVD small feed
  • EVD S small servo feed

Roll Feeders for foils

To feed wide and unstable material

  • EVF feed for foils
  • EVS wide feed

Electric Clamp Feeders

Combines the precision of clamp feeders with the variability and dynamics of linear drives

  • EZL electric linear clamp feed

Pneumatic Clamp Feeders

Pneumatic precision feeding for medium speeds

  • J380 pneumatic clamp feed
  • J341 pneumatic clamp feed


To chop waste bands or cut-to-length metal sheets or foils

  • P shears
  • J300.800 shears

Large Roll Feeds

Medium to large servo roll feeds for powerfull applications.

  • AG large feed
  • AGM large feed

Special Feeds

  • ZigZag feeds

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