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vanad suprema plasma


Vanad SUPREMA for cutting of large format metal sheets

The CNC thermal cutting machine Vanad SUPREMA can be used for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, primarily in small and middle-sized companies. It is intended for a normal two-shift operation. Several oxy-fuel torches, with the possible manual bevelling, process large metal sheets quickly and precisely. At the same time it eliminates error rate and downtime during operation.

The CNC machine Vanad SUPREMA guarantees maximum reliability, accuracy and excellent dynamics.  We also provide fast, professional service.

Features of the machine Vanad SUPREMA

  • It meets all requirements for a normal two-shift operation.
  • It is ready for the installation of powerful plasma systems.
  • Thanks to motors with high torque features, the machine has outstanding dynamic properties.
  • High efficiency and accuracy save your operating costs and significantly reduce downtime during operation.

The Vanad SUPREMA is equipped with modern technologies, such as a large format touch screen, a precise control of ignition and working height of the torch, which simplify the machine´s operation and increase its productivity.

Look at the machine Vanad SUPREMA in action:

Standard equipment Optional equipment
  • Bilateral longitudinal drive
  • Reliable B&R control system
  • Flexible energy chains
  • Easy transfer of cutting plans via the USB or LAN network   
  • Precise control of the ignition and working height of the torch
  • Laser pointer for setting of the initial torch position         
  • CAD/CAM software for the preparation of cutting data
  • Electric ignition of the oxy-fuel torch
  • IHT capacitive height control of the oxy-fuel torch
  • RotCUT device for tube and profile processing  

We delivery you a comprehensive cutting station.Vyplňte alternativní text

We produce the CNC cutting machine Vanad SUPREMA also as part of the comprehensivestation. We deliver everything you need for a smooth-running cutting station – a plasma system and consumables for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, a compressor for compressed air supply, including its treatment, as well as an extraction and filter system for the exhaust of smoke and fumes from the thermal cutting of materials.

For heavy operations we recomend the profesional CNC machine Vanad PROXIMA for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. Both machines can be combined with the Vanad RotCUT device for precise shape cutting.

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