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vanad miron


CNC cutting machine Vanad MIRON

The Vanad MIRON CNC thermal cutting machine  is a top ranking device with simple construction. Quick and simple assembly is its advantage. Despite its small dimensions, the machine is, thanks to the open access, suitable for processing larger metal sheets or even non-standard formats. The machine can be equipped with three techno-logies: oxy-fuel, plasma and laser as well. MIRON Laser and MIRON with plasma or oxy-fuel technology are three basic provided models. 

We can deliver the machine equipped with the relevant supplementary devices.

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Features of Vanad MIRON:                                 

  • Standard thickness of cutting material up to 100 mm thick (oxy-fuel)
  • Cutting of highly reflective materials
  • Minimum kerf, possibility of common line cutting                                                        
  • Two linear guides on the gantry of the machine                                                       
  • High-performance, stable in operation, user-friendly CNC system     
  • Option to fit all three types of thermal cutting technologies – oxy-fuel, plasma and laser
  • Two linear guides for the single-side longitudinal movement
  • Small installation length and width compared to portal construction
  • Output of the fiber laser up to 1 kW
  • Minimisation of downtime
  • Easily operated  

Control of the machine Vanad MIRON

The CNC machine Vanad MIRON is controlled by the well proven system developed in cooperation with B&R automation. This designation indicates a high level of industrial components by the world´s producer B&R automation, reliability and proven quality of all elements. The control software enables novices starting with thermal cutting to achieve quality results. It also includes a number of features and settings for very experienced professionals who appreciate its sophistication.

Standard equipment Optional equipment                   
  • Touch screen PowerPanel 500 with a technological keyboard
  • Motors with the constant torque - high quality cut parts
  • Set of macros for an easier work of operating staff
  • B&R control system
  • Flexible energy chains
  • Transfer of cutting data via the USB or LAN network
  • Precise control of the plasma torch height     
  • Laser pointer for setting of the initial torch position
  • IHT capacitive height control                 
  • CAD/CAM software for preparation of cutting data

The CNC cutting machine Vanad MIRON may be delivered as part of the comprehensive cutting station, including a plasma system and consumables for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, a compressor for air supply, including its treatment as well as extraction and filter system for the exhaust of smoke and fumes originated during the thermal cutting of materials.

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