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Return to Sender MG-R Mechanical Shear

UZMA Profile shears

Tailor-made profile scissors for any desired profile. Roof and wall profiles, but also for trapezoidal sheet.

UZMA Hydraulic shears

UZMA CNC Swing beam shears and CNC Variable rake shears. Click for various types: - HSB-3010 - HSB 3013 - HSB-E 3008 - HVS 3010 - HVS 3040 - HVS 8030

UZMA variable rake shears

Variable rake hydraulic CNC-shears

Hydraulic sheet metal shears

Capable of cutting sheets up to 20 mm thick and 4 m long

HM Transtech shears

HM Transtech hydraulic and motorized shears.

HM Transtech Blue line

HM Transtech Manual shears