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omp tube laser tf522 cp



FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE : fully automatic machine, able to process circular pipe shape, oval, square, rectangular , to a max diameter of 220 mm ( other on request)

The automatic process reduce time in fabrication of the piece, but on the other side increase the precision


OMP laser machine is so composed

Loading system ( we can have different type accordingly to customer’s needs)

Feeding system of the single tube

Cutting head

Unloading station

Possibility to add collection bin

Chips conveyor


Standard capacity of the machine

  • Chuck capacity from ø20 round, 15×15 square.
  • Maximum capacity Ø220 round
  • Capacity on rectangles with measures inscribed in a circle ø220mm.
  • Source brand N’light other on request
  • Maximum Length loaded 6 m (other on request)
  • Maximum Length unloaded 4.m (other on request)
  • Rubber unloader belt (optional)
  • Possibility to remove unloading sections and to combine a crates and basket

Loader model CP



  • Mix Loader with Load Capacity 7 meters in length and 4000 Kg maximum weight .
  • Ability to Load individual tube manually , In Opposite Position to the side loader.
  • Lower holders to support it during the cutting and unloading



  • Length control stopper after load


   Controlled axes :

  • Spindle rotation (Front, Rear)
  • Spindle Feed (Front, Rear)


  • Head movement (X, Y)
  • cutting focal (inside the head)



  • Pipe support holders (on loading, unloading)
  • Arms from magazine tube (on loader)


Fixage of the material on the spindle (this is the only mechanical adjustment which must be done on the machine)

  • Self centering spindle with vice stroke of 90 mm
  • Pressure on tube which can be set up with multiple of 60 kg or 170 kg
  • Hydraulic opening of the vice
  • Opening’s distance between the 4 vices is synchronized, individually set up (example for rectangular tube)
  • Synchrony of both spindle during working , back mobile spindle


Cooling systems:


  • Double chiller system with separate cooling system for the source and head, with different temperature set point.
  • cooling system compressed air nozzle
  • separate circuits for cooling and heads laser source



Smoke extraction :

Sucking system with 5000 square meters capacity with purification filters and separation of dust . It operated automatically by the system during cut



MODEL 3D : the 3D head can be add at any time in the future

  • capacitance sensor brand Precitec
  • noozle cooling with air
  • head cooling with liquid
  • anti collision system
  • special system for a fast change of the glas
  • noozle can be screw
  • motorized focus
  • movement of Y axe with algorithm which follow the profile of the tube with capacitance sensor
  • movement of Y axe commanded from software CAD CAM
  • movement axes A,B for bevel cut
  • local axe X1 redundant for a fast movement of the head all along the tube axe


  • Head with capacity up to 5KW, oversized
  • transport fiber to laser 100µm.
  • interchangeable nozzle, interchangeable protective glass.
  • Prepared for the use of GAS to support the cut: Nitrogen, Oxygen, clean compressed air (requires purifier / compressor apart from the group, not included)


 Unloader (valid for model 2d and 3D)

  • moving shuttle system that get it on rubber's conveyor belt (rubber conveyor are optional)
  • unloading system L= 4000 mm with nr 4-5 different unloading station



Scrap unloading on the chips conveyor

Separation of the scraps smaller then 200 mm


Software for the design and the definition of the tubes to cut:



  • 3D modeling of tubes and bars of any section.
  • Library of predefined sections (circular, rectangular, etc).
  • Library of extruded bars (international code).
  • Possibility of definition of the sections with parametric macros.
  • Library of predefined shapes for the holes.
  • Ability to define parametric macros for the holes.
  • Possibility to define holes of any shape.
  • Automatic 3D nesting with joint of the pipe ends.
  • Calculation of the minimum and maximum material size, also on pipes imported from CAD.
  • Import 3D models via STEP and IGES formats.
  • Automatic recognition of the pipe sections during CAD import and possibility of modifying them (addition of holes, machining, etc.).



Production orders and materials inventory management


  • Preparation and management of work orders in a "desktop" based on the Windows® concepts.
  • Management of the distinct processing.
  • Automatic Section Control, thickness and material relating to the inserted pieces


Nesting of pipes


  • Run the nesting of more pieces of more bars.
  • Optimize the number of bars to be used to cut the number of parts required.
  • Search for the best format among the different lengths of bars available.
  • Tubes engages with the cut ends in non-orthogonal way, in order to save material.
  • It allows you to enable and disable the rotation constraints of the tubes around their axis in function of their section.
  • automatically checks the distance between the pieces.
  • automatically it manages the common cut
  • It works in batch mode , without operator intervention .




  • Associates the technological attributes (connections, micro-joints, etc.) And the cutting parameters to the profiles to be cut.
  • It executes the sequence of automatic or interactive cut.
  • It generates ISO codes via a post-processor specific.
  • The programming of tube cutting is implemented in a 3D environment that allows the complete modeling of the machine, with a total consideration of its kinematics (speed, acceleration, singular points), with no limit on the number of axes of the machine or of the robot.


Main functions:


  • automatic creation of cutting profiles and connections, with the management of the head orientation for beveled cutting.
  • interactive or automatic creation of paths, supported by a powerful route optimization algorithm of moves collision calculation.
  • Creation and validation of the cutting program thanks to a realistic simulation and automatic control functions with visual indication of the anomalies.
  • Generation of ISO programs using a specific post-processor.


Factory document:


  • Release of a specific document factory for the tube cutting technology that includes all information related to cutting programs and the placement of the pieces on the bars.


CN software on the machine:


  • Dedicated system with G-code interpreter real time handling and assistance
  • GUI on Windows XP Embedded system, with management of all machine functions
  • Local Area Connection to be able to load programs to be executed
  • USB connection for transferring programs
  • 17 "display dedicated to working
  • Display 32 "dedicated to the cutting vision
  • Remote access and screen sharing system




  • Micro switch, inductive sensors Balluff, Datasensor
  • Safety barriers: Datasensor
  • Brush less motors and motion control: ESA
  • Contractors, components in electric cabinet: Siemens / Schneider
  • Electrical component follow ULCA norm
  • Reducers: Neugart (axes control), Motovario (handling)
  • Pneumatic: Metalwork
  • Proportional valve: Diwal
  • Capacitive sensor head: Precitec
  • Head and optical paco: Procon
  • Laser source: Rofin/ IPG
  • Chiller: Eurocold
  • 32 "display to follow the processing inside the machine during the working phases



Round tube diameter

20-220 mm

Rectangular tube

Inscribed inside diam 220 mm


Steel ( carbon steel stainless steeel) aluminium , other alloys

Loading system

Standard length 6000 mm, other on request

Max weight of one tube

35 kg/mt

Max capacity

Standard 4000 kg, other on request

Unloading system

Standard length 3000 mm, other on request

Capacitance sensor


Laser source

N’LIGHT (other on request)

Power of laser source

2 kw

Tilting cutting head

+/- 43° both axes

Connection for assistance