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mechanical h-frame presses


Mechanical presses are used in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction structures, domestic appliances, manufacturing of electrical and electronics components.

The capabilities of VAPTECH mechanical presses are: • High structural rigidity and process reliability • Optimized overall accuracy • Maintenance-friendly • High productivity • Versatility

Designed for manual or automatic operations, mechanical presses C-frame presses are available with a press force from 300 kN up to 4000 kN.

VAPTECH' H-frame mechanical presses are designed with two or four shafts and nominal press force from 1600 kN up to 15000 kN with the following features:

• Welded steel structure of the press frame
• Main table welded to the press frame
• Eccentric mechanism completed with steel alloy eccentric shaft and eccentric bushing
• Automatic, semi-automatic or manual stroke adjustment
• Connecting rod with a pivot bolt
• Cast iron flywheel
• Clutch-brake unit with pneumatic or hydraulic control
• Direct-drive or helical gear
• Clamping device instead of keyway connection between shafts and gears
• Hydraulic or mechanical overload safety device
• 6-guide slide with adjustable knock-out device
• Balancing cylinders with flexible coupling
• Centralized automatic lubrication
• Electronic control panel completed with European- components such as SIEMENS, PILZ, Schneider Electric, ABB
• Frequency control of the motor via inverter
• Stroke counter
• Touch screen
• Motorized or manual slide adjustment
• Mechanical barrier guard of the working zone
• Bolster plate with T-slots
• Photocell barrier guard
• Die cushion
• Anti-vibration pads