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hydraulic c-press


Hydraulic C-press from Vapress. These are available in the capacity of 60 - 250 Ton. Download the pdf with technical data.

The hydraulic C-frame presses by VAPTECH have the following features:

• Welded steel structure of the press frame
• Output-controlled axial piston pump
• Separate pump for valves control
• Fast forward stroke
• Stepless adjustment of the stroke length
• Stepless adjustment of press force
• Stepless adjustment of speed
• Roller or sliding guides
• Electronic control panel completed with European- components such as SIEMENS, PILZ, Schneider Electric, ABB
• Stroke counter
• Touch screen
• Mechanical or photocell barrier guards
• Cooling system for the oil
• Heating of the oil
• Bolster plate with T-slots
• Hydraulic die cushion

Download PDF