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dalcos exn servo-electric coil punching


Dalcos has been manufacturing EXN coil punching machines with servo-electric actuation of the heads since 2011.
The operating principle is very simple: the numerically controlled feeder moves the coil in the direction of the X axis, while the hydraulic punch heads move on a carriage in direction Y; the actuator is a servo press which develops a force of 20 tons and moves along the X and Y axes above the punches.

All EXN punching machines offer greatly reduced energy consumption plus a type of tool tower configuration that can evolve according to customer needs: tool post arches can be purchased for insertion into the punch carriage to change the turret configuration and adapt the machine to other future production requirements.

Dalcos punching machines and punching lines can make more efficient production: when machining from coils the material is optimized up to 100% and, with continuous processing, production is faster than the other traditional systems.