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dalcos elxn laser punching & cutting




Dalcos was the first in the world to combine the efficiency of EXN punching system and the flexibility of LXN in-line laser cutting system, and double the output thanks to the special configuration with independent modules.

DALCOS ELXN combo line processes strips from 200 up to 1000mm wide: its setup includes a 6 ton decoiler, straightener, Dalcos EXN electric coil-fed punching machine and LXN 1000 laser cutting system.

Material optimization, Productivity and Flexibility. All in one product

Lean Production and Material optimization

Great advantage of coil-fed production is material optimization up to 100% by using materials of the same width as the end product, eliminating the skeleton (as well as the need to separate the pieces).

Fast: Higher thru-put than all the other Dalcos or traditional systems

By separating the punching and the laser cutting areas, ELXN output is twice the output of the main traditional sheet-fed combined punching and cutting systems. In fact the laser and the punch operate simultaneously on two different portions of the strip: thanks to the patented Dalcos ACX vision system, the LXN identifies the exact position of the holes previously punched by EXN machine and the laser cutting is guided by these holes.

EXN punching machine uses up to 48 standard thick turret tools and has an electrically operated 20-ton hammer activating indexable, embossing and cluster tools to increase furtherly productivity.

Powerful with absolute flexibility

LXN laser cutting area adds complete flexibility to the process allowing the laser cutting of special shapes, notching, and nesting of complex parts. With EXN machine it is also possible to create embossing and threads on the sheet.

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