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What we do

We are a supplier of metalworking machines

We specialize in the processing of coil material to end product. Usually this is a profile that is produced in different lengths. Our long-term specialty is the development and delivery of press lines and complete roll forming lines for open and closed profiles.

We can inform you about various possibilities. Consider laser welding and servo controlled punching of coil material. And what about the new developments in 3D rolling?

We supply all kinds of sheet metal processing machines:

  • Roll forming:
    • Roll forming machines
    • Combined roll forming lines
    • Mobile roll formers
  • Cutting and shearing:
    • Shears (guillotine / oscillating)
    • Cut to length lines
    • Slitting lines
    • Laser cutting machines
    • Oxyfuel plasma cutting machine
    • Water jet cutting machines
    • Punching machines
    • Widebelt grinding machines
  • Pressing:
    • Mechanical presses
    • Hydraulic presses
    • Decoilers / coil handling
    • Straightening and leveling machines
    • Feeding systems
  • Bending:
    • Long folding machines
    • Bending machines
    • Press brakes
    • Roll bending machines
    • Profile roll bending machines
    • Wire bending machines

We distinguish ourselves by not only supplying these machines, entirely (assembled) according to your wishes, but by offering adequate service afterwards.

Pasterkamp is not just about the quality of the machine but also about advice and service. A good and long-term relationship with the customer we consider very important, followed by the sale itself. Our goal is to sell the right machine to the right customer. That's why our wide range of suppliers is also important.

Pasterkamp's engineers know their machines. They follow training with the producers. They do not just the installing, but also train the customers' operators, to get the most out of the machine.

Please feel free to contact us!