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Bending and shearing and punching

Bending, cutting and punching

Cutting and punching
Cutting and punching are simple ways to separate two sheet parts. There are quite a few different shearing machines, each with their own application for thin or thick sheet metal, simple adjustments to CNC-controlled shearing machines. It is also possible to cut endlessly from coil. 

Both sheet and wire are bent in different ways. Traditionally we know the bending machine where the material is clamped and the end is bent around the beam.

After that, the press brake has taken an important place in sheet metal bending. It presses the top tool into a die to create a symmetrical bend. Material is not clamped.

Although the press brake is an old technique, this technique has undergone enormous development, especially in recent years. Fully CNC-controlled processing centers are supplied to fully deform sheet from the initial situation to the end product.

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